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New Arrivals

Used Leybold SV40 95005.1

Inventory Number: 52768
Now (USD): $1,000.00

Leybold SV40 95005.1 Vacuum Pump. Condition unknown.

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Used Leybold SV40 95005

Inventory Number: 63364
Now (USD): $1,000.00

Leybold SV40 95005 Vacuum Pump. Condition unknown.

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Used Leybold D40B

Inventory Number: 37051
Now (USD): $1,000.00

Leybold D40B Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump. Condition unknown.

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Used Leybold S16B

Inventory Number: 63363
Now (USD): $500.00

Leybold S16B Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump. Condition unknown.

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Used LPKF ProtoPrint S

Inventory Number: 63088
Now (USD): $3,500.00

LPKF ProtoPrint S Solder Paste Printer. Screen printer for printing with stainless steel pencils. Fine pitch print to 0.3mm. Manual print type. Max. Print Area: 260mm to 330mm (10.2 in. x 13 in.). Accuracy: .025mm.

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Used MBraun MB200MOD

Inventory Number: 63059
Now (USD): $24,000.00

MBraun MB200MOD Double Sided Glove Box with Oxygen, Moisture Monitors and Solvent Absorber. System configured with custom large stainless antechamber 9-3/4 in. W x 16 in. D x 19-1/2 in. H. Second standard type antechamber 9-3/4 in. dia. x 16-1/2 in. D. Single glove add on chamber with 3-3/4 in. O.D. High vacuum flange and door. Solvent absorber MB-LMF-II. PLC controller with Siemens color touch panel. Automatic regenerable H2O and O2 purifier reactor column. Attainable purity less than 1 ppm. Stainless steel encapsulated blower. Stainless steel chamber construction. Light hood with anti-reflection film. Includes vacuum pump. Base has well 18 in. L x 22 in. W x 10 in. H. Can be covered or used for tool placement. Oxygen and moisture analyzers.

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Used Melles Griot 070LT165

Inventory Number: 63035
Now (USD): $1,500.00

Melles Griot 070LT165 Breadboard Table. Rigid table, no pnuematics, no vibration isolation. 1/4 x 20 threaded holes 1 in. on center sealed holes. Table Dimensions: 36 in. H x 30 in. W x 36 in. L. Table Top: 4.25 in. thick.

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Used Melles Griot Breadboard

Inventory Number: 63258
Now (USD): $450.00

Melles Griot Breadboard. 2 ft. x 4 ft. Optical Top. 1/4” x 20 threaded holes on a 1” grid. Some scratches in paint on surface.

Product Details

Used Melles Griot Optical Breadboard

Inventory Number: 63281
Now (USD): $750.00

Melles Griot 2 ft. x 4 ft. Optical Breadboard. ¼ x 20 threaded holes on a 1” grid. 4-inch thick 24” x 48” breadboard.

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Used Micro G Vibration Isolation Table

Inventory Number: 63259
Now (USD): $1,750.00

Micro G Vibration Isolation Table. Pneumatic self leveling vibration isolation table. Table Dimensions:34” L x 28” W x 29” H.

Product Details