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Used Applied Materials Excite

Inventory Number: 45994
Now (USD): $7,000.00

Applied Materials Excite High Speed Particle Detection System for Bare Wafer or Patterned Wafer Inspection. Inspects device wafers after processing is completed or inspects blanket films. Blanket films can be inspected at over 60 wafers per hour and patterned wafers at over 45 wph. .1 micrometer particle detection on unpatterned silicon. Windows NT operating system. Currently configured for 200mm wafers but can be configured for 300mm. Date of Mfg. 2003. Sold As Is with 30 day right of return.

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Used Beckman Coulter Z2

Inventory Number: 57883
Now (USD): $6,500.00

Beckman Coulter Z2 Cell and Particle Counter with PC Option. The Beckman Coulter Z2 is the latest cell and particle counter of the Z Series. Following Z1, this model also makes use of the Coulter Principle known as Electrical Sensing Zone Method for counting and sizing cells. Accuracy, speed versatility and reproducibility is expected in the application of this technique. In addition to reporting both count and concentration results, the Beckman Z2 can provide size distribution of the cell population as well. This particle counter also has the ability to display various data between user selectable areas of the graph including the entire size distribution graph as well as the size statistics and counts. Moreover, the cursor positioned on the graph aids in determining the cumulative count and the cumulative number percent above and below a size. Mercury free. Sample result averaging. Size distribution graph and tabular data. PC data acquisition. One button calibration. 100-240V, 1 Ph, 50/60 Hz, CE.

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Used Lighthouse AMC Sampling System

Inventory Number: 59013
Now (USD): $1,250.00

Lighthouse AMC Sampling System Airborne Molecular Contamination Controller and Manifold. Unique touchscreen with a browser-like interface. The AMC Controller and Manifold regulates the flow of air provided to the connected AMC sensors (not included). Up to 32 sample port locations. Communicates with Lighthouse monitoring system and most other manufacturers distributed control systems, Building Automation Systems(BAS) and factory automation systems. Does not have internal pump. Date of Mfg.: 2004.

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Used Lighthouse UM-II

Inventory Number: 59096
Now (USD): $750.00

Lighthouse UM-II Particulate Contamination Controller. 100-240V, 50/60 Hz, CE.

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Used Lighthouse Universal Manifold

Inventory Number: 59104
Now (USD): $1,950.00

Lighthouse Universal Manifold Particulate contamination Universal Manifold and Controller. Collects data from up to 32 locations via multiplexed monitoring. Shorter purge time increases your number of samples per day. Performs user programmable data sampling and alarms when low flow conditions occur. 100-240V, 50/60 Hz, CE.

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Used Lighthouse Sensor Interface Unit

Inventory Number: 59170
Now (USD): $125.00

Lighthouse Sensor Interface Unit. For Solair particle counters.

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Used Lighthouse DP Sensor

Inventory Number: 59169
Now (USD): $125.00

Lighthouse DP Sensor Differential Pressure Sensor. For remote monitoring of differential pressure. Can be placed in close proximity to air handling equipment. Sensor only. 

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Used Malvern USP5096

Inventory Number: 49022
Now (USD): $500.00

Malvern USP5096 Particle Size Analyzer. Condition unknown.

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Used MDA Scientific 7100

Inventory Number: 55015
Now (USD): $1,250.00

MDA Scientific 7100 Continuous Toxic Gas Monitor. User programmable dual level alarms. Output: 4 -20 mA. Built in thermal printer. 115V, 60 Hz.

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Used Met One A2408-1-115-1

Inventory Number: 51410
Now (USD): $950.00

Met One A2408-1-115-1 Portable Airborne Particle Counter. Built-in printer allows for immediate or delayed printing results. Particle counts in either cumulative or differential modes. 0.5 micron at 1.0 cfm. 115V, 50/60 Hz, CE.

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