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Scanning Electron Microscopes

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Used Jeol JWS-7555

Inventory Number: 52567
Now (USD): $49,000.00

Jeol JWS-7555 Wafer Inspection SEM. Cassette to robot handling. Magnification to 200,000. Specimen Stage: 4 axis goniometer with 200 mm X-Y travel and tilt -15 to 60 degrees. Field emission electron gun. Date of Mfg.: 1999. CE marked. AS IS Price: $15,000.

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Used Jeol JWS-7515

Inventory Number: 52702
Now (USD): $65,000.00

Jeol JWS-7515 In-Line Wafer Inspection Electron Microscope. Field emission electron gun. EDS detector with cryo compressor (LN2 free operation). Resolution: 8 nm. Magnification: 100X to 200,000X. Accelerating voltage up to 12 kV. 4 axis goniometer stage. AS IS Price: $15,000.

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