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Inventory Number: 61977
Category: Water Chiller - Heaters
Manufacturer: Affinity

Affinity FAE-121L-EE10CAD4 Air Cooled Recirculating Chiller. Refrigerent: R407. Nominal Heat Removed: 9.8 kW at 20 deg C. Pump Performance: 10 gpm at 55 psi. 1-3/4 in. NPT coolant supply/return lines. 460, 277, 380V, 3 Ph, 50/60 Hz, 37A, CE.

Now (USD): $7,500.00

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Used Neslab RTE 111

Inventory Number: 50039
Now (USD): $1,350.00

Neslab RTE 111 Refrigerated Bath Circulator. Digital temperature readout. Temp. Range: -18 to +100 deg C. Cooling Capacity: 350W at 20 deg C. Pumping Capacity: 15 lpm. Work Area: 4-3/4 in. L x 8 in. W x 6 in. D. 220V, 1 Ph, 50/60 Hz, 8A.  Many Available.

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Used Lauda RMS6-AC

Inventory Number: 47534
Now (USD): $650.00

Lauda RMS6-AC Refrigerating Bath. Digital temperature readout. Temp. Range: -15 to +120 deg C. Cooling Capacity: 600 btu/hr at 20 deg C. 115V, 60 Hz.BATH ONLY.

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Used Haskris WW6

Inventory Number: 58701
Now (USD): $950.00

Haskris WW6 Water to Water Heat Exchanger. Cooling capacity determined by temperature and flow of house water. DT=15 deg F, 2 kW to 6 kW. Water Pump: 1.5 gpm. Reservoir Volume: 5 gals. 208/230V, 1 Ph, 60 Hz, 2.9A.

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Used Neslab HX 500AC

Inventory Number: 59143
Now (USD): $6,500.00

Neslab HX 500AC Recirculating Chiller. Air cooled compressor. Digital setpoint readout. Temp. Range: +5 to +35 deg C. Cooling Capacity: 53500 btu/hr at 20 deg C. CP-55 Pump: 6 gpm at 40 psi. Reservoir Volume: 28 gals. 440-480V, 3 Ph, 60 Hz.

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Used Opti Temp OTC-.75AL-P3-116-SC1-LW1-M1L

Inventory Number: 59793
Now (USD): $2,500.00

OptiTemp OTC-.75AL-P3-116-SC1-LW1-M1L Refrigerated Recirculating Fluid Chiller. Portable air cooled refrigerated chiller. Microprocessor based PID auto tuning digital controller. Programmable high/low temp alarm. Cooling Capacity: 7940 btu/hr. Standard Flow Rating: 4 gpm at 65 psi. 100-115, 50/60 Hz, 25A.

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Used Tek-Temp TKD250/2.5K/R2K

Inventory Number: 59904
Now (USD): $1,650.00

Tek-Temp TKD250/2.5K/R2K Water Cooled Recirculating Chiller. System requires water cooling source to cool compressor. Digital setpoint controller. Temp. Range: +5 to +35 deg C. Cooling Capacity: 2500 btu/hr at 20 deg C. 115V, 60 Hz, 16A.

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Used Julabo TCU2

Inventory Number: 60088
Now (USD): $15,000.00

Julabo TCU2 High Precision Recirculating Chiller Heat Exchanger. Temperature control system. Touchscreen display. Designed for controlling temperature of liquids in closed loop external system. Working Temp. Range: 30 to 225 deg C (86 to 437 deg F), short temp. up to 300 deg C (572 deg F). Temp. Stability: +/-0.05...+/-0.1. Adjustable high temp. cut-off. Digital Interfaces: RS232, USB 2.0, SD-card, Ethernet. Pump: 10 gpm at 40 psi. 220V, 50/60 Hz, 43A, 3 ppe. Heating Capacity: 15 kW.  Reservoir: 2.5 gal.  Heat Exchanger Filling Volume: 61 (1.58 gal.). Requires house water to exchange heat.


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Used Veeco Julabo TCU1

Inventory Number: 60092
Now (USD): $4,500.00

Veeco Julabo TCU1 High Precision Heat Exchanger. Temperature control of Theminol 66 fluid in external loop circuit. Water cooled. TFT user interface remotely through RS232, USB interfaces. 380V, 50/60 Hz, 14A, 3 ppe. Heating Cap: 9 kW. Working Temp. Range: 30 to 225 deg C (86 to 437 deg F). Ambient Temp.: 5 to 40 deg C (41 to 104 deg F). Heat Exchanger Filling Volume: 3 liters. Reservoir Filling Volume: 3.9 liters. NEVER USED.

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Used Julabo TCU Alpha II

Inventory Number: 60093
Now (USD): $3,950.00

Julabo TCU Alpha II Recirculating Chiller. Digital touchscreen display. SD card and USB inputs. Air cooled. 230V, 3 Ph, 50/60 Hz. 


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Used Filtrine PCP-200-30A-WP

Inventory Number: 60403
Now (USD): $4,950.00

Filtrine PCP-200-30A-WP Refrigerated Recirculating Chiller. Self-contained air cooled condenser, complete unit made weather resistant for outdoor installation. Closed loop chiller with sealed 20 gallon tank. Cooling Capacity: 30,000 btu/hr at 20 deg C. Pump Capacity: 15 gpm at 20 psi. Temp. Range: +5 to +30 deg C. 208-230V, 3 Ph, 60 Hz.

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