Used Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaners for Sale

Working at the microscopic level means you need to be able to trust that your used ultrasonic cleaners and other cleaning systems will eliminate every last speck of contaminant, just as well as brand-new equipment will do the job. That’s why we offer used industrial ultrasonic cleaners for sale that are as good as new.

Whether you’re looking for a used ultrasonic cleaner, precision surface cleaning system, heated ultrasonic bath, thermal oxide scrubbers or any of a wide range of cleaning systems, we offer refurbished equipment that’s like-new, and just as reliable as the day it came off the factory floor.

From parts to full systems, we carry equipment from a considerable variety of manufacturers and can help you find the equipment you need. As refurbishers and distributors of pre-owned ultrasonic cleaners and cleaning systems, our range can vary and we recommend checking in with us regularly if you need specific equipment.

We also buy old and used ultrasonic cleaners and cleaning systems, so if you have used industrial ultrasonic cleaners for sale, or any used cleaning equipment or parts you want to replace, or if your operations are closing down or moving and you need to sell a full operation, we are happy to evaluate your used equipment and make an offer.