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Inventory Number: 63859
Category: Metrology
Manufacturer: Labthink Instruments

LabThink Instruments I-Think 4100 Thickness Tester. Can be used for thickness test of plastic films, sheets, paper, foils, silicon chip, coatings and other materials. Conforms to ASTM, ISO, JIS and other international standards. Mechanical contact measurement with an automatic presser foot. Standard contact area and various testing pressures to meet distinct requirements. Interface:Windows-based operating interface. Statistics: easy calculation for historical results, instrument usage, energy consumption, and large statistical information. Data Comparison: by presetting target value and range, the system automatically generates data comparison after each test and intelligently judges whether the specimen passes or fails the test. Test Report: can provide detailed test reports in various customized patterns. Test Range 0~2 mm (Standard)0~6 mm, 12 mm (Optional). Resolution0.1 μm. Test Pressure 17.5±1 KPa(Film); 50±1 KPa(Paper). Contact Area50 mm2 (Film); 200 mm2 (Paper) Film or Paper is optional and customization is available. 120V, 60Hz, CE MFG DATE 2015

Now (USD): $6,500.00

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