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XeF2 Xenon Diflouride Etching System. Upgraded by Xactix with continuous flow of XeF2 to allow for extremely short or long etch times. Standard Features: Pulsed flow etching process. PC based control software manages recipes, logs data and manages multiple users with password protection. Open load system to handle multiple types of substrates (wafers, chips, dicing frames, packages) without special handling substrates. Transparent process chamber lid and shower head over full water allows visual inspection of the entire wafer. MFC continuous flow adds a second type of process, a continuous flow of XeF2. This is in addition to the standard pulsed flow etching. The continuous flow process recipe includes the flow rate of XeF2, the pressure of the process chamber and the time to etchcomputer. Etch Rates: 0.1 micrometers/min - 10 micrometers/min. WIW Uniformity: Less than 15 percent. R2R Repeatability: Less than 15 percent. Optional MFC Based Continuous Flow Range: 0.2 sccm - 2 sccm (standard). Chamber Pressure Range: 0.2 Torr - 3 Torr.

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