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Thor Labs

Used Thor Labs LDC500

Inventory Number: 61330
Now (USD): $500.00

Laser Diode Driver. Control Range: 0 to +/- 500 mA. Compliance: Greater than 4. Resolution: Less than 5 microA. Accuracy: 100 microA. Noise (10 Hz to 10 MHz, RMS): Less than 2 microA. Ripple (50 Hz, RMS) typical: Less than 2 microA. Transients, typical: Less than 5 microA. Drift (30 min, 0 to 10 Hz): Less than 50 microA. Temperature Coefficient: Less than 50 ppm/deg C. Power Control: Control range photo current 5 microA to 2 mA. Accuracy: 0.1 microA.

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Used Thor Labs PTR12115

Inventory Number: 61130
Now (USD): $6,750.00

12 ft. x 5 ft. UltraPlus Series Optical Vibration Isolation Table. Table Dimensions: 144 in. L x 59 in. W x 33-1/2 in. H. 12-inch thick optical breadboard top with 1/4 in. x 20 threaded holes on a 1 in. grid. Newport XL-A pneumatic vibration isolation legs.

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