Used Oriel 91293-1000

Inventory Number: 60821
Now (USD): $14,000.00

1 kW Solar UV Simulator 6 x 6 Beam. Simulates hours of solar radiation in minutes. Very high intensity UV source with minimal VIS and IR. 1000W lamp. Arc lamp power supply 400 to 1000W. Light intensity controller. Timer controller. Final Lens: 10.5 in. dia. 110-220V, 50/60 Hz, 11A, CE.

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Used Oriel 66087

Inventory Number: 61215
Now (USD): $350.00

Ozone Eater™ Ozone Filter System. Add $100 for new filter.

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Used Oriel 87351

Inventory Number: 62236
Now (USD): $8,500.00

Large Area Deep UV Flood Exposure System. 500W exposure housing with a beam size of 6 in. x 6 in. Spectral Range: 220nm to 260nm. Includes power supply 68811. 115-230V.

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Used Oriel Optical Breadboard Table

Inventory Number: 62235
Now (USD): $700.00

Optical Breadboard Table. 1/4 x 20 sealed holes 1 in. on center. Dimensions: 2.25 in. thick x 18 in. W x 36 in. L.

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