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Used Miscellaneous Spray Etch System

Inventory Number: 28279
Now (USD): $9,500.00

Filtered etch temperature controller. Touchscreen monitor. Plastic aerated tank 8 1/2 in. W x 16 in. L x 9 in. D. Interlocked automated teflon etch compartment. Nice condition.

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Used Miscellaneous Furnace Retort

Inventory Number: 48266
Now (USD): $500.00

Metallic Furnace Process Tube. Previously used in 1200 deg C tube furnace. Outside Dimensions: 43 in. L x 6-3/8 in. W x 2-5/8 in. H.

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Used Miscellaneous Furnace Tube

Inventory Number: 56814
Now (USD): $395.00

Pyrex Glass Process Tube. Cap says Pyrex. 5.5 in. OD x 72 in. L.

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Used Miscellaneous Oxygen Sensor

Inventory Number: 44875
Now (USD): $495.00

Model OXO32-S-O.

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Used Miscellaneous Dial Indicator Gauges

Inventory Number: 50270
Now (USD): $495.00

Lot of Dial Indicator Gauges for Measuring Sheet Thickness. $495 lot price.

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Used Miscellaneous Cabinet

Inventory Number: 57591
Now (USD): $500.00

Large Empty Electronics Cabinet. Outside Dimensions: 30 in. L x 36 in. W x 85 in. H.

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Used Miscellaneous Matching Network

Inventory Number: 42688
Now (USD): $450.00

500W 13.56 MHz. Matching network from a Drytek Quad etcher. No controller with unit.

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Used Miscellaneous E-Gun 8 Pocket

Inventory Number: 51089
Now (USD): $1,500.00

8 pockets, 1-1/4 in. dia. at the top. 4-1/2 in. O.D. conflat flange bottom feedthrough. Gear mechanism. Sold As Is.

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Used Miscellaneous Titanium Sublimation Pump

Inventory Number: 35993
Now (USD): $1,250.00

Older system, fair condition. Top Flange: 14-5/8 in. O.D., 11-5/8 in. I.D., 32 holes 13-5/8 in. on center. Bottom Flange: 7-13/16 in. O.D., 5-15/16 in. I.D., 20 holes 7-1/8 in. on center.

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Used Miscellaneous Goniometer Cradle

Inventory Number: 49908
Now (USD): $495.00

Stage: 4-3/4 in. x 3-7/8 in. Cradle: 7 in. on inside of arc. Superior electric synchronous stepping motor MO63-LS09 with a SLO-SYN 430-PI indexer motor drive.

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