Used Leko L930U

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Leko L930U Pulse Heat Alignment and Bonding TAB/FPC onto TFT/LCD. LCD repair machine. Connect TAB/FPC onto TFT/ LCD. Soft soldering technics to connect FPC FFC onto PCB: Connect single core axes onto plugs. Applied to seal LCD modules in cell phones, electronic translators, PDA, digital cameras, pins of computers.Precise temperature control system. PLC to multi-point control the operation of the machine. Collocate one or two sets of high precision CCD systems. Standard Size of Bonding Blade: 60x2 (mm) MAX. Camera: White and Black /color 1/3 interface. Temp. Range: Room temperature to 400 deg C +/-1 deg C. Time Range: 0.1S - 999H +/-0.1S.  Pressure Range: 0.15 - 0.5 Mpa. Heat Up Time: 100 - 300 deg C 4 - 8S.

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Used Leko L820U

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Leko L820U Heat Bonding Machine for Thermocompression Bonding. Can be used for thermocompression bonding, hot melting and heat forming technics, blanching and heat form plastic cement, mucilage glue and sponge etc. Features constant heat mode. Variety of sizes of heating bonding blades available. Max. Temp.: 300 deg C. Timer: 1 to 30 secs. Pressure Range: 25 to 100 Kgf/cm2. 110V, 50/60 Hz.

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