Used Julabo LH46

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High Dynamic Temperature Control Recirculating Chiller. For highly precise external temperature applications. Rapid heating and cooling, control for unsupervised continuous operation. Wide Working Temp. Range: -45 to +250 deg C. Temp. Stability: +/-0.05 deg C. Self optimizing controller. Cooling Capacity: 2.1 kW at 20 deg C. Remote device LCD display with integrated programmer with real time clock for 6x60 program steps. Combination of air and water cooling, automatic change over at high ambient temperature conditions or interruption of water cooling. Compressor requires external water cooling source. Pumping Capacity Min/Max Flow Rate-Pressure: 24-36/11.6-23.2 l/m-psi. 230V, 60 Hz, CE.

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Used Julabo TCU2

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High Precision Recirculating Chiller Heat Exchanger. Temperature control system. Touchscreen display. Designed for controlling temperature of liquids in closed loop external system. Working Temp. Range: 30 to 225 deg C (86 to 437 deg F), short temp. up to 300 deg C (572 deg F). Temp. Stability: +/-0.05...+/-0.1. Adjustable high temp. cut-off. Digital Interfaces: RS232, USB 2.0, SD-card, Ethernet. Pump: 10 gpm at 40 psi. 220V, 50/60 Hz, 43A, 3 ppe. Heating Capacity: 15 kW.  Reservoir: 2.5 gal.  Heat Exchanger Filling Volume: 61 (1.58 gal.). Requires house water to exchange heat.


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Used Julabo TCU Alpha II

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Recirculating Chiller. Digital touchscreen display. SD card and USB inputs. Air cooled. 230V, 3 Ph, 50/60 Hz. 


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Used Julabo TCU

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Recirculating Chiller. Digital touchscreen display. SD card and USB inputs. 0 deg C to +220 deg C. Pump Flow Rate: 10 gpm at 36 psi. 360V, 3 Ph, 50/60 Hz, 15A, CE.

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