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Innotec Group

Used Innotec Group SVB-22A-NW50

Inventory Number: 59477
Now (USD): $250.00

Innotec Group SVB-22A-NW50 Gate Valve. Pneumatic actuation. KF 50 flange.

Product Details

Used Innotec Group ES-26CB

Inventory Number: 60656
Now (USD): $65,000.00

Innotec Group ES-26CB Box Coater EBeam Vacuum Evaporation System. 304 stainless steel water cooled box chamber with Inside Dimensions of 27 in. L x 28 in. W x 39-3/4 in. H. Six pocket E-Gun with Innotec power supply and controls. Planetary style rotating substrate holders currently configured for 4 in. squares, see photos on fixturing. Quartz substrate heaters with digital setpoint controller. Air operated and electrically controlled automatic valve sequencing interlocked with system controller. Crystal deposition rate monitor. PC controller. CTI On-Board 8 cryopump with compressor and roughing pump.

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