Used Inficon UL 500 Dry

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Oil Free Helium Leak Detector. Fast and simple operation with fully automatic start-up and comprehensive self tests. Quantitative leak testing from inlet pressures starting at 100 mBar (75 torr). Autoranging, autozero and auto calibration. Smallest Detectable Rate: 2 x 10^-9 atm cc/sec. 208V, 3 Ph, 60 Hz, CE.  5 Available.

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Used Inficon Protec P3000

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Helium Sniffer Leak Detector. Protec P3000 provides the minimum detectable leak rate on the market. A small display in the ergonomically-designed probe handle shows the leak rate, so the operator can concentrate on the sniffing process and monitoring the leak rate at the same time. Built-in illumination source of the probe helps precisely position the sniffer tip. Multiple alarm functions make sure alarms cannot be overlooked. Built-in PRO-Check reference leak allows for easy and fast calibration at the production line at any time. I-Guide mode ensures your operator is testing the right locations with the correct technique. Leak rates can be displayed in refrigerant equivalents from a gas library. Automatic standby prevents intake of contaminants into the sniffer probe, thus saving filter and sensor life. 120V, 50/60 Hz, CE.

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Used Inficon 760-600-G1

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Cable and Oscillator for Crystal Deposition Controllers. $250 each. Many Available.

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