Used Gatan 600 CTMP

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Gatan 600 CTMP Turbo Pumped Argon/Reactive Plasma DuoMill Dual Station Ion Milling System. Ion milling system for the preparation of high quality TEM specimens. Two independent milling stations mounted on a single high speed vacuum system. Each milling station has a Whisperlok specimen exchange system which functions without disturbing the vacuum or milling conditions of the other station and two Octogun ion guns. Gun voltage gauge is broken and needs to be replaced.

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Used Gatan 693.CKCZ00

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Gatan 693.CKCZ00 Precision Ion Polishing Milling System. The Gatan Ilion+™ is a significant advance in the preparation of planar cross sections from difficult samples for microscopic imaging and microanalysis. With the high performance optics and a CCD camera, actual surface features can be monitored as an aid in determining the end-point of the milling sequence. 120V, 60 Hz, CE. Sector Milling: Minimizes topographical effects (curtaining). Reduces heat damage. Turbo Vacuum System: Minimizes hydrocarbon contamination. Removes volatile chemicals. Twin Ion Guns: Enhances milling rates without damage. Redundant capacity (works with one gun). Choice of argon or xenon ionizing gas. Variable Voltage: Reduced energy for delicate samples. Facilitates optimal sputtering conditions. Variable Gun Tilt: Allows change in plane or depth of cut. Promotes re-milling to an exact feature. Enhanced contrast between adjacent grains. Whisperlok® Air Lock: Rapid and reliable sample exchange. Easy reintroduction of samples for remilling. Zoom Microscope: Real time visual progress monitoring. Color LCD monitor. LN Cooling: Minimizes heat damage. Solidifies high melting point materials. Bad Eprom, display does not come up. Sold As Is.

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