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Denton Vacuum

We regularly carry used Denton Vacuum products, particularly for use in semiconductor environments. Denton Vacuum products are well known in the industry for their superior products that enable the manufacture of smaller, faster and better functioning chips, utra-thin cap layers and various other aspects of uniform, conformal deposition of ultra-thin film.

Among others, you may find used Denton Vacuum desks, resistive evaporators, sputtering systems and a variety of other vacuum equipment from this trusted manufacturer. All Denton Vacuum products held by Bid Service are used, refurbished items and we strive to ensure that all refurbished units leaving our warehouse are restored to like-new, factory standard.

We are also always happy to evaluate your second-hand Denton Vacuum products and equipment for refurbishment purposes. If we judge a piece to be refurbishable, we will negotiate a deal with you. Whether you have parts, full units or whole operations you need to divest of, Bid Service is there to help.

Used Denton Vacuum Explorer 14

Inventory Number: 61455
Now (USD): $21,500.00

Denton Vacuum Explorer 14 DC Sputtering System. Chamber: 12 in. dia. x 18 in. H glass Pyrex bell jar with guard. 15-inch dia. baseplate/pumping plenum assembly supported by system cabinet. System mounted on casters. Pumping System: Turbomolecular pump, LN2 trap located beneath high vacuum poppet valve and manual fill via external funnel. Alcatel 2010 two stage, rotary vane pump. Sputter Source: (1) DSM-300A cold sputter module. 300W DC power supply, 4-inch dia. magnetron sputter source with Denton Vacuum patented ANODE GRID® for maximum electron capture and minimal specimen heating. Variable source to substrate distance. Substrate Fixturing: 8.0 in. Omni rotating fixture plate, speed adjusts via input to system touch screen. Air operated shutter. Control System: The Explorer 14 system is semiautomatic and is controlled by a DL205 CPU from Automationdirect. The operator interface is a touch panel with graphical interface to the PLC. Graphical interface is supported with Automationdirect software. Manual operation of valves, pumps, low voltage sources and fixture rotation subsystems is through this graphical interface. Semiautomatic processes are also operated through this interface.

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Used Denton Vacuum DV-602

Inventory Number: 62843
Now (USD): $12,500.00

Denton Vacuum DV-602 Laboratory Style Thermal Evaporation Deposition System. Single filament evaporation sources, second thermal source can be added at additional cost. Rotating 6 in. x 6 in. substrate stage. Turbo pumped high vacuum system. Roughing pump built into base. 12 in. dia. x 12 in. H quartz bell jar with implosion guard.

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