Used Bruker Dektak XT

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Precision Stylus Profiler. Bruker’s DektakXT™ Stylus Profiler features a revolutionary design that enables 4 angstrom repeatability. Unmatched performance. 4 angstrom repeatability delivers industry leading accuracy. Single-arch design provides breakthrough scan stability. Leading-edge smart electronics establish new low noise benchmark. New hardware configuration offers 40 percent faster data collection times than prior generations. Unprecedented efficiency and ease of use. Intuitive Vision64™ user interface workflow simplifies operation. Self-aligning styli enables effortless tip exchange. Single sensor design offers low force and extended range in a single platform. System has these options currently installed: Automation, DTX Stitching, DTX 3D Mapping and DTX N Light.

Measurement Technique: Stylus profilometry (contact measurement).
Measurement Capability: Two-dimensional surface profile measurements.
Sample Viewing: Digital magnification, 0.275 to 2.2 mm vertical FOV.
Stylus Force: 1 to 15 mg with LIS 3 sensor.
Low Force Option: N-Lite+ Low Force with 0.03 to 15 mg (optional).
Sample X/Y Stage: Motorized 150 mm (6 in.) X/Y, manual leveling.
Scan Length Range: 55 mm (2 in.).
Max. Sample Thickness: 50 mm (1.95 in.).
Step Height Repeatability: 4 angstrom, 1 sigma on steps less than or equal to 1 micrometer (30 scans using a 12.5 micrometers stylus).
Vertical Range: 1 mm (0.039 in.).
Vertical Resolution: 1 angstrom (at 6.55 micrometers range).
100-240V, 50/60 Hz, CE.
Date of Mfg.: 7/2011. Very nice condition.

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