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Test and Electronics

Used Advantest D3371

Inventory Number: 56270
Now (USD): $4,500.00

Transmission Analyzer. The Advantest D3371 Transmission Analyzer has a variable data rate capability from 10 MHz to 3.6 GHz which encompasses all data rates necessary SONET/SDH, Fiber Channel, and Gigabit Ethernet devices required for the IP network markets. It can also generate various types of PRBS and user programmable test patterns for simulating actual line traffic, enabling flexible accommodation of a wide range of needs from development to production and ongoing maintenance. Excellent output waveform quality. 3 Vp-p maximum, wide range of output amplitudes from low-amplitude devices to direct Laser Diode modulation and Electro Absorption modulators.

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Used Agilent 8509B

Inventory Number: 54193
Now (USD): $3,499.00

Lightwave Polarization Analyzer. Wavelength operating range: 1200 nm to 1600 nm. Input power operating range: +10 dBm to -55 dBm. Input average power damage level: +16 dBm. Analyzer only in stock. 100/240V, 50/60 Hz, CE.

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Used Agilent 16821A

Inventory Number: 55834
Now (USD): $4,950.00

34-Channel Portable Logic Analyzer for Tracking Real-Time System Operation. Accurately measure precise timing relationships using 4 GHz (250ps) timing zoom with 64k depth. 48 channel pattern generator gives you digital stimulus and response in a single instrument. 15 in. color display. State clock up to 250 MHz. Data rates up to 250 Mb/s. Options: 101, 102, 111. CE.

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Used Agilent E5250A

Inventory Number: 60366
Now (USD): $3,250.00

Keysight Low Leakage Switch Mainframe with Two E5252A 10x12 Matrix Switch Cards. For use with semiconductor parameter analyzers: 4155A, 4155B, 4155C, 4156A, 4156B, 4156C and B1500A. CE marking.

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Used Agilent 8164A 81482B Opt. 072

Inventory Number: 61136
Now (USD): $12,500.00

Lightwave Measurement Mainframe with 81482B Opt 072.  Tunable Laser 1400nm Plug In. CE marking.

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Used Agilent 8164A 81682A/072

Inventory Number: 61157
Now (USD): $12,500.00

Lightwave Measurement System with 1550 nm Tunable Laser Source Module. Mainframe unit. HP 81682A - Primary Application: Test of critical amplifiers and passive components. Wavelength Range: 1460 to 1580 nm. Absolute Wavelength Accuracy: +/- 0.01 nm. Wavelength Resolution: 0.1 pm. Max. Output Power: +6 dBm (1520-1570 nm). Max. Output Power (Peak, Typical): +8 dBm. Option 072 polarization maintaining fiber angled contact connector.

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Used Agilent 81662A Opt 361

Inventory Number: 61173
Now (USD): $500.00

Low Power Laser Source Module. High wavelength and power stability. Compatible with Agilent 816X A/B mainframes. Option 361 ITU frequency 193.40 THz, center wavelength 1550.12 nm.

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Used Agilent 81637B

Inventory Number: 61174
Now (USD): $2,500.00

Fast Power Sensor Module. Sensor Element: InGaAs. Wavelength Range: 1250 - 1640 nm. Power Range: +10 to -80 dBm.  3 Available.

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Used Anritsu MW910A

Inventory Number: 30713
Now (USD): $1,950.00

Optical Time Domain Reflectometer with MH937A 1.3 mm unit. Features: Small, lightweight, Long-distance measurement with 1-meter resolution, Three-point optical masking, Easy operation, Memory for measurement setup, Built-in thermal printer

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Used Anritsu MP1653A

Inventory Number: 43136
Now (USD): $1,250.00

3 GHz Error Detector. Auto-search function for setting optimum values of input threshold and phase setting by a one touch operation. Synchronization of 512 kbit pattern is easily made within a short period of time. (when in frame mode.) Built in high speed printer. Errors are detected in intervals as short as 0.1 sec. Zero wait time counter gate.

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