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Inventory Number: 62307
Category: Leak Detection
Manufacturer: Inficon

Inficon Protec P3000 Helium Sniffer Leak Detector. Protec P3000 provides the minimum detectable leak rate on the market. A small display in the ergonomically-designed probe handle shows the leak rate, so the operator can concentrate on the sniffing process and monitoring the leak rate at the same time. Built-in illumination source of the probe helps precisely position the sniffer tip. Multiple alarm functions make sure alarms cannot be overlooked. Built-in PRO-Check reference leak allows for easy and fast calibration at the production line at any time. I-Guide mode ensures your operator is testing the right locations with the correct technique. Leak rates can be displayed in refrigerant equivalents from a gas library. Automatic standby prevents intake of contaminants into the sniffer probe, thus saving filter and sensor life. 120V, 50/60 Hz, CE.

Now (USD): $15,000.00

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Used Balzers HLT160

Inventory Number: 64128
Now (USD): $9,500.00

Balzers HLT-160 Helium Leak Detector with Twin Flow Principles Able to perform leak tests without LN2 on UHV systems as well as cryopumped systems. Push button convenience. Operating range down to 3 x 10-11 mbar l/s. High helium pumping speed 2 l/s. 110V, 50/60 Hz.

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Used VIC Leak Detection MS-50

Inventory Number: 64276
Now (USD): $13,950.00

Vic Leak Detection MS 50 High Speed Production Helium Leak Detector. Can be used to test components or leak testing of vacuum chambers. Full screen interactive display. Three flow modes provide flexibility and maximum productivity. Full automatic startup, tuning and calibration. Leak Range: 10 x 10 0 to 3 x 10-11 Resolution: 14 at mass 4. 115V, 60 Hz, 25A.

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Used Veeco MS-40

Inventory Number: 64327
Now (USD): $6,500.00

Veeco MS-40 Portable Industrial Helium Leak Detector. Fully automatic portable helium leak detector. Speed: 1.5 sec. test time. Sensitivity: 4 x 10-11 atm cc/sec. Built-in diagnostics for trouble free maintenance. Simple one button start-up. Turbo pumped high vacuum section. 115V, 60 Hz

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Used Inficon 760-600-G1

Inventory Number: 63185
Now (USD): $250.00

Inficon 760-600-G1 Cable and Oscillator for Crystal Deposition Controllers. $250 each. Many Available.

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Used Inficon 760-162-G1 IC5 Relay Board

Inventory Number: 64043
Now (USD): $895.00

Inficon 760-162-G1 IC5 8 Channel Relay board for the Inficon IC5 Deposition controller.

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Used Inficon Cygnus 779-700-G1

Inventory Number: 64279
Now (USD): $4,500.00

Inficon Cygnus Thin Film Crystal Deposition Controller. M/N 779-700-G1. Can control or monitor film thickness deposition rates. Unit is currently configured with 4 channels and 2 relay/input boards. Unit comes with what is in the photos, no additional cables or parts. 120V, 50/60Hz, 4A

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