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Inventory Number: 62974
Category: Cleaning Systems
Manufacturer: Baron Blakeslee

Baron Blakeslee MLR-120LE-DS/ATH-35 SPL Bi-solvent Vapor Degreaser System. Equipment designed for Kyzen DA3520 Bi-solvent and Novec 71IPA solvent. Configured with one DA3520 immersion pre-clean tank and one solvent degreaser tank.  

MLR-120LE Solvent Degreaser:
125 percent Freeboard. 4 side tank insulation. All solvent wetted parts of stainless steel T-304 or greater. Magnetic drive spray pump with foot switch operated spray lance will allow you to manually clean your oversized PCB assemblies. Magnetic drive recirculation pump and filtration system. 10 micron cartridge filter. Aluminum motorized roll up cover.
Stainless steel T-304 water separator. Stainless steel cooling coils Hot Gas Bypass. VaporTrap™. Solvent vapor control (shuts off heat if primary refrigeration fails). High temperature control (prevents heater burnout). Digital liquid temperature control (controls solvent boiling temperature). Low Level Control (shuts off heat if solvent level falls to low). Vapor Up Control (prevents use of spray lance unless vapor zone is fully established). 

Working Dimensions:
Vapor Zone: 20 in. L x (L to R) x 12 in. W (front to back) x 10 in. H vapor zone.
Rinse Sump: 10 in. L x (L to R) x 12 in. W (front to back) x 10 in. H liquid level.

Baron Blakeslee Model ATH-35 SPL: 
Automatic Transporter/Hoist: This Hoist is a cantilevered type, two (2) dimensional material handling system. The transporter system consists of a cantilevered winch package system and support structure. It also includes control box and remote emergency stop button.

A2 DA3520 Immersion Pre-Clean Tank: 
Working Dimensions: 21 in. L (L to R) x 12 in. W
(front to back) x 10 in. immersion.
Freeboard: 5 in. H.
Heat Input: 1.5kW.
Power Supply: 240VAC, 1 Ph, 60 Hz.
Total Operational Solvent Fill: 14 Gallons.

NEW Never Installed, was $75,000 New

Now (USD): $35,000.00

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Semitool STI PA72-40MB-0603 4-inch Semitool Single Bolt Rotor.

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Inventory Number: 55687
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Semitool STI 860 Spin Rinse Dryer for Wafer Cleaning. Cleans wafers with DI water and nitrogen drying. Currently configured for 4 in. wafer cassettes. Top and bottom units operate independent of each other. Resistivity monitor. 120V, 60 Hz.

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Inventory Number: 57995
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Inventory Number: 58038
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Sono-Tek Cleaning Systems IG-200 PCB Ultrasonic IPA Degreasing, Cleaning and Drying System. Used to degrease, clean and dry printed circuit board and hybrid assemblies using isopropyl alcohol as the cleaning solvent. Fully automatic PLC controller and can be set up to perform a variety of multiple step processes. Includes ultrasonic agitation option and spray option. Tank Size Below Cooling Coils: 20.5 in. L x 11.5 in. W x 17 in. D. 208V, 3 Ph, 50/60 Hz.

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