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Ross Engineering

Used Ross Engineering VMP400-3.8Y-H-UA-ALZE

Inventory Number: 62666
Now (USD): $2,500.00

High Voltage Digital Voltmeter Probe. The Ross VMP HV probes are designed for hand-held portable applications with insulated handle or mounting in a fixed position. The portable capacitive, resistive or compensated types are used with digital multimeters, oscilloscopes and various types of panel meters. KV maximum operate continuous. Electronic Class DC or PK AC: 400KV. Power Class RMS-L-L: 145KV. Normal Frequency Range: DC-1 MHz. KV maximum impulse 1.2X50 uSEC test single pulse 600KV. Normal HV input. Resistance megohms: 3900. Capcitance PF normal: 3.8. Includes Fluke 187 True RMS multimeter.

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