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Used QuadTech Sentry 30

Inventory Number: 61571
Now (USD): $950.00

QuadTech Sentry 30 AC DC IR Hipot Tester with HV Probe. A complete dielectric testing solution, the Sentry 30 combines both AC and DC Hipot with insulation resistance (IR) measurements into a single compact unit. The front panel of the Sentry makes it easy to operate. Digital display and user friendly control allows test parameters and limits to be set easily without the high voltage activated. Quick Discharge: In both the DC hipot and IR the device under test is discharged back through the HV transformer. This technique results in a rapid and safe discharge. 

• Programmable output voltage to 5KV AC and 6KV DC. 
• Programmable ramp and test times. 
• Programmable high and low limits. 
• Quick discharge of DUT in IR and DC Hipot. 
• Storage of 40 2-Step Tests or 80 1-Step Tests. 
• Ground Continuity Check with 1 ohm limit. 
• Arc Detection with Programmable Limit. 
• Resistance Measurements from 10M omega to 10G omega.

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