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Quad Group

Used Quad Group Romulus III-A

Inventory Number: 62062
Now (USD): $6,500.00

Quad Group Romulus III-A Universal Mechanical Strength Tester. The basic instrument is portable, compact approximately the size of a personal computer, contains no messy hydraulic systems and is simple to operate. Some tests such as stud pull require rate of loading control. Other test such as peel require rate of travel control. The internal 486 computer selects the appropriate method. Standard range is .05 to 100 kg. Force .1 to 220 lbs. The instrument can configured to apply test forces of one gram to 3/4 ton. Shear Test: A quick die bond test which requires no sample prep and is executed in seconds. Tensile Breaking Point: Tensile test samples are gripped between the Romulus gripper and an identical downward looking grip of the module.

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