Used Ando AQ6140

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Multi-Wavelength Meter. Ideal for wavelength analysis in D-WDM systems. Highly accurate wavelength measurement, realizes high accuracy measurement of +/-0.003 nm. Capable of measurement of up to 256 channels. Large LCD color display. Wavelength Range: 1270 to 1650 nm. Max. Input Level: 10 dB.

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Used Ando AQ8203

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Optical Test and Measurement System with AQ8201-21, 22, 110 Modules. For WDM device evaluation and maintenance. Halfsize Frame. AQ8201-21 OPM module optical power meter. AQ8201-22 Dual OPM module optical power meter. AQ8201-110 WDM DFB-LD module light source.

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