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Wafer Analysis

Used Nanometrics 010-181

Inventory Number: 63336
Now (USD): $1,250.00

Nanometrics 010-181 Film Thickness Measurement System. May need repairs.

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Used Ram Optical Sprint

Inventory Number: 63338
Now (USD): $1,250.00

Ram Optical Sprint Optical Measuring System. Missing readout.

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Used SAT-SPECS Universal Surface Analysis

Inventory Number: 63122
Now (USD): $39,000.00

SAT/SPECS Universal Surface Analysis System. Surface analysis chamber XPS, UPS, Kelvin, IPES. This was part of a larger chamber used to analyze substrates in an OLED production system. This unit was removed from the lab and detached from the rest of the OLED system. We are selling this analysis system As Is since we can not test it.

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Used Semilab WT-2000PVN

Inventory Number: 62628
Now (USD): $29,000.00

Semilab WT-2000PVN Multifunction Wafer Mapping Tool. Tabletop measurement system capable of performing a variety of measurements on PV cells, wafers and blocks. Configuration: Standard µ-PCD measurements. Max. 200 mm (8 in.) sample diameter on stage, manual loading. Wintau operating and evaluation software. Test: Minority lifetime accuracy and repeatability measurements on Semilab’s µ-PCD test sample. Diffusion length, internal quantum efficiency and reflectance accuracy and repeatability measurement on Semilab’s LBIC test sample. Test Wafers: 6-inch bare, polished, n-type wafer for µ-PCD test. (Id. V1020_035).

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Used Sun International Sopra GESP-5

Inventory Number: 58885
Now (USD): $21,500.00

Sun International Sopra GESP-5 Variable Angle Broadband Spectroscopic Ellipsometer. Ellipsometer for complicated film stacks, mapping film thickness and optical properties. Has PMT detector. Wavelength: 250nm to 850nm. User friendly Windows® based interface. SOPRA ellipsometer that had been serviced by Angstrom Sun Technologies. Allows for variable angle broadband spectroscopic ellipsometry. Motorized 8 in. stage for 3D sample plots. Camera with zoom lens.

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Used Tencor AS 500

Inventory Number: 62803
Now (USD): $15,000.00

Tencor AS 500 Stylus Based Surface Profiler. Resolution to 1 angstrom and guaranteed repeatability of 10 angstrom. Accurately measures surface characteristics such as step height, roughness and etch depth on a wide variety of surface substrates. Extremely easy to use. Zoom optics provide magnification up to 210X for precise micro measurements. Stylus force adjustable between 1 and 100mg. Scan Length: 10mm. 115V, 50/60 Hz.

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Used Tencor Surfscan 7000

Inventory Number: 63334
Now (USD): $15,000.00

Tencor Surfscan 7000 Patterned Wafer Contamination Particle Analyzer.

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Used Ulvac CRTM-9100G

Inventory Number: 62194
Now (USD): $1,500.00

Ulvac CRTM-9100G Crystal Deposition Rate Controller. Low rate deposition with high resolution of film thickness can be achieved with this process controller. Controlling film thickness and deposition rate for evaporation processes. Controller only, no cables.

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Used Ulvac CRTM-9000

Inventory Number: 63132
Now (USD): $1,250.00

Ulvac CRTM-9000 Crystal Deposition Controller. For controlling film thickness and deposition rate for evaporation or sputtering processes. Controller only. Power on testing only, came from a working system. 100V, 50/60 Hz, 6A.

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Used Veeco Dektak 150

Inventory Number: 63038
Now (USD): $26,000.00

Veeco Dektak 150 High Performance Surface Profiler . Contact stylus profiler. Large standard Z range of 1 millimeter enables larger step measurements. Accommodates samples up to 90 millimeters thick, performs long scans of 55 millimeters. Stylus Force: 1 to 15 mg. Step height repeatability. Vertical Resolution: 1 angstrom max. 100-240V, 50/60 Hz, CE.

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