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Test and Electronics

Used EG&G Par 1451

Inventory Number: 23652
Now (USD): $2,950.00

Plasma Monitor with Jarrell Ash Spectrometer and a 1454 Detector. The most sensitive 1451 system detector is the Model 1454a 512-channel intensified diode array providing detection levels of approximately 100 photons per A/D count. The wavelength response of the 1454 is limited by the intensifier to the range of 365 nm to 800 nm.

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Used EIP Microwave 545A CCN-2204

Inventory Number: 62022
Now (USD): $950.00

Microwave Frequency Counter. 10 Hz to 18 GHz in 3 bands. Power measurements to 0.1 dB resolution. Power measurement accuracy to 0.5 dB. Up to 400 MHz/sec tracking speed.

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Used Electronic Measurements ATR-100-1

Inventory Number: 17125
Now (USD): $175.00

Power Supply. 32VDC, 10A, 100W. System Supply.

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Used Electronic Measurements HCR10-25-110

Inventory Number: 12129
Now (USD): $350.00

Power Supply. 10VDC, 25A CV/CC/M

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Used Electronic Measurements SCR10-40

Inventory Number: 22488
Now (USD): $550.00

Power Supply. 10VDC, 40A CV/CC/M.

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Used Electronic Measurements TCR10S90

Inventory Number: 19660
Now (USD): $450.00

Power Supply. 10VDC, 90A, 208VAC input. CV/CC/M

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Used Electronic Measurements TCR20S30

Inventory Number: 24159
Now (USD): $550.00

Power Supply. 20VDC, 30A, 208VAC input, CV/CC/M.

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Used Electronic Measurements TCR20T250

Inventory Number: 35940
Now (USD): $1,100.00

Power Supply. 20VDC, 250A, 208VAC-3 Phase input. CV/CC/Metered.

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Used Electronic Measurements TCR20S90-1-OV

Inventory Number: 35939
Now (USD): $800.00

Power Supply. 20VDC, 90A, 105/125VAC input. CV/CC/M

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Used Electronic Measurements EMS40-125-2-D

Inventory Number: 48333
Now (USD): $1,150.00


Power Supply. 40V, 125A, 190-250VAC, 3 Ph. Switched PS.

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