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Test and Electronics

Used Princeton Applied Research 263A

Inventory Number: 61739
Now (USD): $3,950.00

Potentiostat Galvanostat. Fully functional front panel controls. Does not come with PC. Includes four CD ROMS, Power CV Cyclic Voltammetry disk, Power Pulse Electronacytical disk, Powerstep Chronoamperometry and Chronopontentiometry disk, and Virtual Potentiostat 32 disk. The 263A’s 20 V compliance and 200mA output capability provide the current and voltage specifications required for many applications.

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Used QuadTech Sentry 30

Inventory Number: 61571
Now (USD): $950.00

AC DC IR Hipot Tester with HV Probe. A complete dielectric testing solution, the Sentry 30 combines both AC and DC Hipot with insulation resistance (IR) measurements into a single compact unit. The front panel of the Sentry makes it easy to operate. Digital display and user friendly control allows test parameters and limits to be set easily without the high voltage activated. Quick Discharge: In both the DC hipot and IR the device under test is discharged back through the HV transformer. This technique results in a rapid and safe discharge. 

• Programmable output voltage to 5KV AC and 6KV DC. 
• Programmable ramp and test times. 
• Programmable high and low limits. 
• Quick discharge of DUT in IR and DC Hipot. 
• Storage of 40 2-Step Tests or 80 1-Step Tests. 
• Ground Continuity Check with 1 ohm limit. 
• Arc Detection with Programmable Limit. 
• Resistance Measurements from 10M omega to 10G omega.

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Used Rifocs 586L

Inventory Number: 56523
Now (USD): $650.00

Return Loss Test. User friendly solution for insertion loss and return loss measurements. Wavelength: 1550nm. Spectral Width: < 5mn. Measurement Range: 0 to 70 dB. 100-250V, 50/60 Hz. This used Rifocs 586L Return Loss Test will be sold refurbished and fully tested to meet the original manufacturers specifications. Due to the very large inventory Bid Service warehouses at its 150,000 Sq. Ft. facility, we do not begin to refurbish an item until a purchase order has been placed. We recommend you talk to a salesperson to find out what the approximate lead time may be on that item or items. The second hand Rifocs 586L Return Loss Test is owned by us and stored in our Freehold, NJ facility. You are welcome to visit and inspect our used equipment in person. We recommend you call for an appointment first so that we can organize your visit. The used Rifocs 586L Return Loss Test will come with both our 30 day money back policy and our 90 day parts warranty to ensure your full satisfaction with your purchase excluding any shipping charges. If you purchase this tool at a reduced price or any product we have listed in AS IS condition, the 30 day right to return and the 90 day warranty will no longer apply.

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Used Rod-L M 500AVS5-2.8-100

Inventory Number: 27995
Now (USD): $750.00

Hypot Tester. Output 2.8 kVAC, 100 ma current. Variable test timer.

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Used Rod-L M 100AVS5-2.8-40

Inventory Number: 27834
Now (USD): $750.00

Hypot Tester. Output 2.8 kVAC, 40 ma current. Variable test time.

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Used Ross Engineering VMP400-3.8Y-H-UA-ALZE

Inventory Number: 62666
Now (USD): $2,500.00

High Voltage Digital Voltmeter Probe. The Ross VMP HV probes are designed for hand-held portable applications with insulated handle or mounting in a fixed position. The portable capacitive, resistive or compensated types are used with digital multimeters, oscilloscopes and various types of panel meters. KV maximum operate continuous. Electronic Class DC or PK AC: 400KV. Power Class RMS-L-L: 145KV. Normal Frequency Range: DC-1 MHz. KV maximum impulse 1.2X50 uSEC test single pulse 600KV. Normal HV input. Resistance megohms: 3900. Capcitance PF normal: 3.8. Includes Fluke 187 True RMS multimeter.

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Used Santec OTF-920

Inventory Number: 62894
Now (USD): $1,950.00

Programmable Optical Tunable Filter. Linear sliding. This allows the unit to cover a wide spectral range while maintaining constant optical properties including bandwidth, insertion loss, and PDL. Continuous wavelength tuning over a full 80 nm range using two filters. CE marked.

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Used Santec OTF-900-155

Inventory Number: 62895
Now (USD): $1,950.00

Optical Tunable Filter. Utilizes sliding tuning mechanism with multi-layer dielectric filter allowing continous wavelength tuning where optical properties are independent of wavelength setting. Able to locate center peak wavelength of input light source using peak search function.

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Used Simard Cabinet

Inventory Number: 50808
Now (USD): $495.00

Empty 79 in. high cabinet.

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Used Sorensen DCR20-25B

Inventory Number: 21192
Now (USD): $395.00

Power Supply. 20VDC, 25A, 187-220VAC input. CV/CC/Metered.

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