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Test and Electronics

Used Stanford Research DG535

Inventory Number: 61576
Now (USD): $2,750.00

Stanford Research DG535 Digital Delay Pulse Generator. The DG535 Digital Delay/Pulse Generator provides four precisely timed logic transitions or two independent pulse outputs. The delay resolution on all channels is 5 ps, and the channel-to-channel jitter is typically 50 ps. Front-panel BNC outputs deliver TTL, ECL, NIM or variable level (-3 to +4 V) pulses into 50 ohms or high impedance loads. The high accuracy, low jitter, and wide delay range make the DG535 ideal for laser timing systems, automated testing and precision pulse applications. Option 01 GPIB interface.

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Used Stanford Research SR530

Inventory Number: 61832
Now (USD): $1,250.00

Stanford Research SR530 Analog Lock-In Amplifier. Measures AC signals as small as nanovolts in the presence of much higher noise levels. Has low-noise. Voltage and current inputs. High dynamic reserve, two stages of time constants and an internal oscillator. Frequency Range: 0.5 to 100 KHz. Up to 80 dB dynamic reserve. Tracking band-pass and line filters. GPIB and RS-232 interfaces.

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Used Thor Labs LDC500

Inventory Number: 61330
Now (USD): $500.00

Thor Labs LDC500 Laser Diode Driver. Control Range: 0 to +/- 500 mA. Compliance: Greater than 4. Resolution: Less than 5 microA. Accuracy: 100 microA. Noise (10 Hz to 10 MHz, RMS): Less than 2 microA. Ripple (50 Hz, RMS) typical: Less than 2 microA. Transients, typical: Less than 5 microA. Drift (30 min, 0 to 10 Hz): Less than 50 microA. Temperature Coefficient: Less than 50 ppm/deg C. Power Control: Control range photo current 5 microA to 2 mA. Accuracy: 0.1 microA.

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Used Wavelength Electronics LFI-4505

Inventory Number: 55673
Now (USD): $695.00

Wavelength Electronics LFI-4505 Laser Diode Driver. 500mA laser diode driver. Low noise, stable current source. Constant current and constant power control modes. 115V, 230V, 50/60 Hz, CE.

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