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Inventory Number: 61568
Category: RTP
Manufacturer: Jipelec

Rapid Thermal Processing System with Vacuum Chamber. PC controller. Temperature measurement control system provides accurate and repeatable thermal control across the temperature range. Temperatures up to 1300 deg C. Multi-zone halogen lamp furnace. Ramp Rate: 1 deg C/s to 400 deg C/s. Max. Substrate Size: 6 in. dia. Process gas lines. Includes roughing pump. 220V, 3 Ph, 50/60 Hz, 100A, CE. Unit will be tested for an accuracy of +/-5 deg C from setpoint.

Now (USD): $32,500.00

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Used Process Products Corporation RTM 2018H-BT-M 2FM-ADS-SP

Inventory Number: 58938
Now (USD): $4,950.00

Rapid Thermal Processing Batch Furnace. Digital controllers. Ambient to 1200 deg C. Quartz Chamber: 8 in. ID x 24 in. D. Automatic door assembly, double O-Ring vacuum sealed. 208V, 3 Ph, 60 Hz. Furnace only. No addition: Quartzware or vacuum pump.

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Used AG Associates Heatpulse 610

Inventory Number: 60678
Now (USD): $19,000.00

Benchtop RTP Rapid Thermal Processor. Benchtop system for rapid thermal processing of semiconductor wafers up to 6 in. dia. max. (Depends on wafer tray with system). Programmable ramp up rates. Peak Temp.: 1350 deg C. Recommended Steady State Temp. Range: 400 to 1150 deg C. 208V, 1 Ph, 60 Hz, 90A.

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Used Modular Process Technology RTP-600S

Inventory Number: 61828
Now (USD): Contact for Price

Rapid Thermal Processor. More information to come contact us for details.

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Used Jipelec SiC Furnace

Inventory Number: 58065
Now (USD): $15,000.00

High Temperature Batch Furnace. Designed to provide high temperature uniformity and long process capability. Temp. Range: 700 deg C to 2000 deg C. Ramp Rate: Up to 15 deg C/s. Pyrometer Control: 500 deg C to 2000 deg C. For small substrates up to 2 in. dia. Can be used with vacuum pump, not included. 208V, 3 Ph, 60 Hz, 67A, CE.

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