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Inventory Number: 61535
Category: Photoresist: Coaters - Tracks
Manufacturer: AST Products

Parylene Deposition System. Computer controlled parylene coating system. Includes thickness monitor. Menu driven operation. Call for price and further information.

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Used Ultrasonic Systems P450-1-151

Inventory Number: 57083
Now (USD): $25,000.00

Selective Coating System. Programmable selective coating system for precise application of a wide range of materials for the semiconductor, electronics, medical and industrial markets. Features Ultra-Spray technology which enables more accurate, thinner coating applications than conventional spray and dispensing technology. Currently configured with CAT ILDS head. Conveyor system. Graphical user interface. 115V, 50/60 Hz, 13A, CE.

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Used Cee 3000

Inventory Number: 53127
Now (USD): $4,500.00

Automated Precision Hot Plate. Digital program controller. Automated wafer transfer system for complete hands off wafer processing. Temp. Range: 50 to 300 deg C with uniformity across work surface of +/- 0.3 percent. 220V, 1 Ph, 60 Hz.

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Used Semiconductor Systems PBCS31/3

Inventory Number: 26885
Now (USD): $950.00

Dual Track System Coat and Develop. Can be configured to process wafers from 3 in. to 6 in. in dia. Track no. 1 Cassette - Bake - Coat - Bake - Cassette. Track no. 2 Cassette - Bake - Coat - Bake - Cassette. Sold AS IS.

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Used SVG Site Services 8632CTD/8636HPO

Inventory Number: 41192
Now (USD): $21,500.00

Developer-Exposure Track. Single track developer configured with 2 elevators, one spinner and one bake. System has an OAI 0130-042-20 deep UV. 220 nanometer exposure tower capable of up to 2000W. Currently configured for 4 in. wafers.

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Used FAS Technologies MicroE™ 200

Inventory Number: 42576
Now (USD): $32,000.00

Extrusion Coating System. Uses high precision extrusion technology to coat materials in a wide range of viscosities. Coats very thick layers (100 micrometers) in a single step. Repeatable digitally programmed process. Greater material utilization than spin coating (typical 75 percent of dispensed material remains on the wafer).

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Used FAS Technologies MicroE™ 200

Inventory Number: 42901
Now (USD): $39,000.00

Cassette to Cassette Extrusion Coating System with Stacked Bake/Chill Oven. System is capable of coatings over 100 micron thick in one process step with uniformities surpassing +/- 2 percent. Material utilization is 75 percent compared to 5-10 percent for spin coating. This means lower cost of material and reduced expense of waste disposal. Increased process uniformity. Uses high precision extrusion technology. Ability to coat materials in a wide range of viscosities. Repeatable digitally programmed process. With Genmark Mini Max Gencobot 7S/3L Handler. Model JS-9940 stacked bake unit with 3 ovens.

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Used MTI Multifab S3

Inventory Number: 51541
Now (USD): $750.00

Photoresist Coating Track System. Wafer is transferred from elevator to bake and spin coat modules via robotic arm. All process parameters are programmed on the system monitor using a light pen. Sold As Is.

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Used Solitec OptiTrac

Inventory Number: 51544
Now (USD): $25,000.00

Photoresist Developer. Cassette to cassette photoresist developer. Single spin develop module, 2 bake cool modules. PC controller. Small cleanroom footprint. User friendly software.

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Used MTI S3 Flexifab Parts System

Inventory Number: 51548
Now (USD): $1,450.00

S3 Photoresist Coating System. Parts system only. Includes spin, elevator and control units. Missing some parts. Call for detailed photos.

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Used Thermo Oriel ACCUDOSE 9000

Inventory Number: 53217
Now (USD): $15,000.00

Photospeed Tool Measures Batch to Batch Photospeed Variations. Photoresist testing system. Oriel part 83995 near UV system with fast shutter. Assures that exposure dosage is in-line with your process window requirements. No need to sideline your expensive stepper for photoresist testing. Provides accurate, incremented bulk area exposures across a wafer. Use it to quantify threshold exposure, spectra variations, find potential resist problems and verify lot to lot consistency.

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