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Inventory Number: 59498
Category: Evaporators
Manufacturer: CHA

System is not complete, only what is in photos. 18 in. water cooled stainless steel bell jar with hoist. Varian VHS-6 diffusion pump. Sold As Is untested.

Now (USD): $4,500.00

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Used Kurt J. Lesker Thermal Evaporator

Inventory Number: 55509
Now (USD): $25,000.00


Can be configured with two resistive thermal evaporation sources. Crystal deposition monitor. No substrate fixturing or rotation. CTI Cryopump with roughing pump. Mechanical bell jar hoist. Stainless steel bell jar: 18 in. dia. x 23 in. H.

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Used Kurt J. Lesker Organics Thermal Evaporator

Inventory Number: 61412
Now (USD): $95,000.00

Organic Material Deposition System with Glove Box Isolation. Previously used to produce organic light emitting diodes OLED. Completely manual operation of all evaporation controls. Inficon crystal deposition monitors in each source chamber. Chamber number one is set up for resistive evaporation of metals with three thermal sources at the bottom of a single well. The second chamber has three thermal source wells. Each 10 in. dia. well contains three Kurt Lesker LTE low temperature coil type organic evaporation sources. The distance from the source to the substrate carrier is about 31 in. The substrate carrier can be manually rotated from source well to source well. The substrates are transferred from chamber one to chamber two via a manual transfer arm through a gate valve. Each chamber has its own high vacuum CTI 8 cryopump with compressor. Vacuum Atmospheres Nexus glove box with moisture monitor and trace oxygen analyzer. Also includes OC-1 vacuum oven and Dri-Train purification system with blower. Very nice system for research or light production.

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Used IVI Corp. Box Coater

Inventory Number: 43794
Now (USD): $21,000.00

48 in. Thermal Evaporator. Used thin film deposition system. PC Controller. Sycon STC-200 Deposition Controller. Inside Pill Shape Dimensions: 48 in. L x 48 in. W x 48 in. H. Baseplate has 23 - 1 in. feedthroughs, 5 - 1-1/4 in. feedthroughs and 1 - 8 in. port. 6 - 2-1/2 in. ports. 13-1/2 in. port where motor drive comes into top of chamber. IVI 8930 Model 2205 Resistance Power Supply. Cryopump missing compressor and rough pump. 208V, 3 Ph, 60 Hz. Sold As Is.

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Used Unaxis BAK EVO (760)

Inventory Number: 47000
Now (USD): $165,000.00

Multiple Source Thermal Evaporator. Used thin film deposition system. Proven modular design box coater system can be easily configured for many applications. Currently configured with 3 shutters and 8 water cooled power feed throughs. 3 Inficon XTC crystal deposition monitors each controlled via Khan computer. Substrate carrier for 8 in. dia. substrates. Khan process control with user friendly graphics. Fully integrated multi-tasking PC-based control system, monitors all process data, manages process recipes with built in failure diagnostics. CTI-400 Cryopump with 9600 Compressor and Pump Package for quick pump down. Mfg. 2001. Very low hours.

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Used Temescal FC-1800

Inventory Number: 53808
Now (USD): $69,000.00

Load-Locked Electron Beam Evaporator with Substrate Heaters. Used thin film deposition system. This fast cycle load-locked evaporator brings the bell jar down to operator level without sacrificing the throw distance. Cryo pumped high vacuum system with roughing pump. 4 pocket gun with Temescal CV-8 power supply. Inficon IC4 Desposition monitor. Bell Jar: 19-1/2 in. ID. Single substrate dome 17 in. dia. with rotation control. Includes substrate heaters. Auto valve sequencer.

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Used Temescal BJD-1800

Inventory Number: 55181
Now (USD): $59,000.00

Electron Beam Evaporator. Used thin film deposition system. Maxtek crystal deposition rate monitor. Four pocket E-Gun. CV-14 E Beam power supply with sweep controls. Vacuum gauges. CTI cryopump with compressor and roughing pump. Does not have substrate heaters.

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Used CHA SEC-1000-RAP

Inventory Number: 55643
Now (USD): $55,000.00

Dual Gun E Beam Evaporator. Used thin film deposition system. Two single pocket e-guns with individual power and sweep control. Inficon IC4 Plus deposition rate monitor. Temescal CV-8 E beam power supply. Auto-Tech II valve controller.  25.5 in. diameter water cooled stainless steel bell jar. CTI cryopump with compressor and roughing pump. Does not have substrate fixturing currently.

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Used Temescal BJD-1800

Inventory Number: 55702
Now (USD): $49,000.00

4 Pocket E-Beam Evaporator Upgraded by TES. Used thin film deposition system. Inficon XTC/2 crystal deposition monitor/controller. Three dome planetary configuration for 3 in. wafers. Rotation control. All system components mounted in cabinet except cryo compressor. CTI cryopump compressor with roughing pump. Auto valve controller. 4 pocket e-gun with turret source selector. Niles Electronics NE-6 E-Beam power supply. X-Y sweep controller. Water cooled 17.5 in. ID bell jar.

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Used CHA SEC-600-RAP

Inventory Number: 56242
Now (USD): $55,000.00

E-Beam Evaporator. Used thin film deposition system. High vacuum electron beam deposition system. 19 in. dia. water cooled bell jar. 6 pocket e-gun with SR-10 power supply and sweep controls. Inficon IC/4 crystal deposition monitor. CTI on board cryopump with compressor and roughing pump. Auto-Tech II vacuum controller. Fixture rotation controller and motor but does not include substrate fixturing. Heater power supply but no heaters currently installed.

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Used CHA SE-1000-RAP

Inventory Number: 56323
Now (USD): $55,000.00

Multisource E Beam and Thermal Evaporation System for Optical Films and Oxygen Reactive Evaporations. Used thin film deposition system. Inficon IC-4 Plus rate and deposition controller. Six pocket electron beam source with SR-10 E-Beam power supply. Parts for optical monitor with system but not tested or covered under warranty. Two outrigger style filament resistance sources with 6 kW SCR controlled power supply. Automatic valve sequence controller. 25 in. dia. x 30 in. tall water cooled bell jar. Pressure control system for oxygen reactive evaporations. VHS-10 high speed diffusion pump with roughing pump. Quartz substrate heaters. Slide type fixturing for lift off process. Does not use substrate rotation type fixturing.

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