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PECVD - Oxidation

Used Plasmatherm Unaxis 790

Inventory Number: 58884
Now (USD): $125,000.00

ICP Plasma Etch System. Inductively coupled plasma etching system for high etch rates and control over selectivity and damage. PC controller with graphical user interface. 9.5 in. bottom electrode, ceramic clamp currently for 2 in. wafer. Chamber pumped via turbo pump with rough pump. RF Generators: RFPP5S 500W, 13.56 MHz and RFPP10M 1000W, 2 MHz. Six MFC mass flow gas controllers. Previous Gases used: CL2, SF6, N2, CF4, AR, BCL3. AS IS Price: $99,000. Refurbished: $125,000.

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Used Roth & Rau AK800

Inventory Number: 58630
Now (USD): $99,000.00

Silicon Nitride PECVD System. Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition system. The system uses gases (primarily silane and ammonia) to deposit thin layers of silicon nitride used in anti-reflective coating in solar industry. Using plasma excitation this is possible at low temperatures of 300-500 deg C. The system is constructed to be an R&D tool so it allows all kinds of thin film depositions (depending on gases used as sources). Process Area: 400mm x 450mm. Deposition Rates: Up to 500nm/min for Si-based films. Mfg.:2008. $69,000 AS IS. $99,000 Fully Tested.

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